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Responsible Vendor Training

The beverage license of a “qualified” responsible vendor may not be suspended or revoked for an employee’s sale of alcohol to an underage patron or employee’s use or sale of illegal drugs on a licensed premise.

"If you do not provide a Responsible Vendor Training Program for your establishment or are not in full compliance with the Responsible Vendor Act, your Alcoholic Beverage License could be suspended or revoked! "

(F.S. 561.701-706)


• Immunity from suspension or revocation of the alcohol beverage license for certain beverage law violations

• Mitigation/reduction of fines and penalties for certain beverage violations

• Affirmative Defense in the event of an alcohol related lawsuit

• Establishes Due Diligence in the event of a lawsuit

• Decreases overall risk of a violation or lawsuit

• Properly trained staff and improved employee performance

• Provides Insurance Discounts

Spring Training provides a Full Compliance Responsible Vendor Program that protects your license and properly trains your staff!  Some of our competitors say beware of online training,  However, Spring Training’s Responsible Vendor Program, administered online or onsite DOES MEET ALL THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE ACT and will serve as a defense in the event of an alcohol related lawsuit!  Spring Training will assist in your establishment receiving an insurance discount!

To Qualify as a Responsible Vendor:


Employees must be trained within 30 days of their hire date.  Manager/Supervisors must be trained within 15 days of their hire or promotion date by taking the Initial Manager Training Program.

Initial Training is provided online or onsite and the session includes:

Proper Identification Checking /Minors, Intoxicated Patron/Intervention, Preventing Illegal Drug Activity, The Responsible Service of Alcoholic Beverages, State & Local Laws/Ordinances, House Policies, Proper Management Practices


Employees and Managers must attend Tri-Annual Updates, specifically every 4 months under the Responsible Vendor Act.  Online or Onsite this session will give employees and managers a refresher course of the initial training, but also new updates in the industry.  Spring makes sure to always include new information in each updated session so it is a continuous learning process for employees and managers. No matter how many times you have taken alcohol compliance training in the past, you will always learn something new in a Spring Training session.  Spring always provides her audience with the latest industry updates and new information for a unique and interesting Update Training Class!


Spring Training will take care of all the necessary record keeping associated with the Responsible Vendor Act.  Our website and system is designed to provide the Licensee or Manager with detailed reports that track company and employee records, assigned courses, taken courses, and future courses that may be offered.  Record keeping can be a full time job and we make this process simple for our clients.


Click here to download signs for your establishment (available below)

To Our Valued Customers (Required)

Under 21 Age for Alcohol (Required)

ID Required Upon Request

No Drinks Beyond This Point

Under 18 for Tobacco (Required if Sale of Tobacco)

Health Warning for Pregnant Women

Raw Foods Warning

Hand Washing


Spring Training offers both online and onsite training to suit the needs of our clients.  Online training can assist in full compliance with our Onsite Program or Online Training Only is a tremendous cost saving option.

Although Online Training is new to the industry, one of the advantages is convenience!  Online is convenient for licensees, managers, and trainees!  The coursework can be accessed on any device, including a tablet or smartphone.

A Spring Training App is available for download to your devise.  Using our online training platform reduces the cost of employee training tremendously.  In addition, employees do not have to attend meetings on their days off, and the hassle of meeting planning around schedules goes away.

Florida’s Responsible Vendor Act (F.S. 561.701-706) The beverage license of a “qualified” responsible vendor may not be suspended or revoked for an employee’s sale to an underage patron or employee’s use or sale of illegal drugs

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