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Alcohol Compliance Training

Spring Training Corp. has “set the bar” for the responsible service of alcohol. Restaurants, bars, hotels and other businesses serving alcohol across Florida and other states have relied on Spring Training since 1995 to properly train their staff!

Why Choose Spring Training Corp. for Alcohol Compliance Training?

Spring Training Corp. has been a leading provider of Responsible Vendor and Alcohol Compliance Training since 1995.  Spring Training’s team is made up of former Division of Alcoholic Beverage employees and industry consultants with many years of experience in the industry.

Spring Training’s Alcohol Compliance Training Program will keep your establishment in compliance with the local laws and applicable Florida Statutes, and also provide additional training accreditation in the event of a civil lawsuit.  Spring Training Corp. is the only Florida training provider with the exclusive endorsement by TAM and The National Hospitality Institute.




As business owners or managers, protecting your business and employees is vital in this industry.  Owners or managers benefit most by participating in Florida’s Responsible Vendor Program because the Program protects their alcoholic beverage license and business’ reputation.  Florida’s Responsible Vendor Act (F.S. 561.701-706) provides significant legal benefits for those licensees who comply with its requirements.  Spring Training’s Full Service Responsible Vendor Program keeps your establishment in full compliance with the Florida Act and protects your license from suspension or revocation!


Let us help you qualify as a Responsible Vendor and receive all the benefits of the Responsible Vendor Act and protect both your investment and your team from civil lawsuits, administrative charges, and criminal liabilities. Our full service program can save your establishment thousands of dollars!

Spring Training provides outstanding customer service and personalized attention to each client.  Your establishment will receive full implementation and complete maintenance of its Responsible Vendor Training Program specifically created to meet each of the requirements of the Florida Responsible Vendor Act.  This program is available onsite or online and multi language programs are available. Visit our Responsible Vendor Program page and see how this program will protect your license and save your establishment money!




IMPORTANT:  One time training is not recommended for Florida establishments as individual server training such as TIPS/CARE/SERVSAFE ALCOHOL are not recognized under Florida law.  Call Spring Training or visit our Responsible Vendor Program page for more information and clarification of this statute!